It was New Year's Eve last year we have been staying with a friend, my wife, who is a flirt, but never had sex with anyone but me really drunk, there were many people there and probably had two men in their 20s great interest in my 40 something glamorous woman. I can not recognize the host and told me they were friends of a friend and with this I thought nothing more of it. My wife was laughing at me, dancing provocatively with them all night, especially music Reggi. This in itself turned to me and I knew we would have a good time when we got home. When the night I went to sleep almost sitting in a chair, my wife Anne was on the couch, and these two guys you were talking Sat pornotub both sides, most guests had left I was watching the clock 0245th the host said, what do many things to do, in my bed the woman told me they were talking for a while and let us out. Meanwhile, only four of us in the roomslowly lowered into a dream. alcoholic drink and took my wife was angry, I can not say I've slept since I woke up so I have to hear muffled sounds from across the room I felt a blanket that is someone I looked in the direction the noise and there were only three people sitting on a sofa as the only light that was now in the Christmas tree lights, which were quite boring, come to the senses a bit more, I realized it was my wife and two children, and could not believe what I saw next time. a boy with a kiss and I think tries, sat down at the time I was in it, he also had his left hand caressing her blouse to eat her tits. and had to respond fully to be honest, I woke up, but I was dead tired and to be honest was always very quiet and guiltly knowing my wife was drunk and reacted this way, while my eyes to the gloom of the cap was adapted then kiss up to her bra exposing nice firm titsHe began to caress the other boy's mouth was at this time lift your legs so they lay on pornotub the couch, the guy sucks her nipple was kneeling on the floor, slid then began to kiss her again likely to dampen the cries joy, pornotub and the other removed the panties from my wife cap, put a leg on the sofa while the other lay on the ground, then lifted his right leg in the air floor, knelt with his head came out and greedily licked and spread legs and sucked on my wife exposed and probably now wet pussy that pornotub 's not me, when I was seeing, but could you be from the moans you enjoy every minute of it was to tell . even in the darkness I could see through the roof and I think all of them were foreign to me. The two boys were completely stripped totally absorbed in what they did, as my wife and she suck ass held his head down, he stopped at that other kisses and presents his huge cockmouth, which she took with enthusiasm and started to pull in and out of her mouth is pornotub slowly taking over his dick between sucking the other gently up and turned on his knees, she was still the key to the other guys in mouth, his left. His right knee was resting on the couch with his left foot on the floor of the type with its tail raised pornotub and slid back gently on my ass wives eagerly pushed back and fourth to make the most of the work for him, stood up and massage your body now wet and sweaty hands, I have nothing and do not know what to do items, as had been the point of no return, but could not be sure how I feel if sober? At that time, I admit it was very nice. My wife was almost panting now probably more satisfied with huge cock in her mouth was moving, then the boy began to tremble and I knew it was coming, but away from my wife, to my surprise, the cock more in his mouth, he moaned with pleasure and indeed a few mild boost, but determined to ejaculate directly into her mouth had no choice but to swallow his semen, and now his head in both hands from behind. At this point, the other ran from behind, was rocked back and fourth and two together moaned moans of my wife were a pornotub bit overshadowed by the head still in the key of the other kids, and as he pressed ahead Bach continues be difficult to the last drop, letting the rest go with the head and the two got out of it at the same time. All sweat and groan with pleasure. I was pretty sleepy, but more than excited when he pretended to sleep. Not quite sure how I was in the morning. Or feel when I woke up. I know iv'e is Graffic on the details, but the pornotub story is true.
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